Hey Guys xx Watch it..it’s like amazing ..really xx

Sorry I didn’t post for such a long time and I will soon make you laugh because of the video..But the real post is coming 🙂



A Londrès….

Hey)) How was your week ? Mine was pretty Hard..you know all of those packing bags and traveling!!! Finally I am in England 😀 You know it was quiet great, but at the same time quiet sad because I was leaving home for 1.5 months and for me it’s quiet a long time.))

So I will tell you about my school day:) As you know I go to NLCS , which is North London Collegiate School. As I live in knightsbridge I have to take a coach to get to school. While riding in the black Mercedes-Benz I had goose-bumps all over my body, the feeling was like they are running with a feeling of horror. I saw the bright pink coach riding right behind us, when we turned to Cavendish Avenue. As soon as the door was opened my mother and me got out of the car ; she kissed me and I walked down the coach door. It opened and I got in. I was afraid of meeting people then and I chose a sit in the second row. I turned Taylor Swift and David Guette and they blasted through my headphones!

A few voices said Hi to me, and I replied back!

I listened to the girls, but they were mostly giggling on their own!

As we arrived to school I followed the flood and saw my parents arrive in the black slim Mercedes , I ran off to them and we strolled down to the reception together! Soon two friendly girls greeted me and showed me mine/their class. Everyone was asking me so many questions which had to be annoying, but I didn’t mind….By the end of the day I knew everyone in my class. It was so great for me, the ordinary life. Where you go to school in the morning, go on coach, go out with friends after school. I was sick of teachers, who came home and reached me. This was a way of new Middle School experience for me.

Wanna have a look at our stylish school coach 🙂 ?? It’s actually really cool. Pinkish (Our school is girls only, so I think that’s why the color is vivid pink)

I really enjoy in being in girls-only community. As you say – Gossip-Gossip and Gossip!

I will soon write more and will post pics of my uniform and my life in UK, but for now I have to finish my French homework for tomorrow. If you are really interested about pics check out my Instagram !!!

You probably wondered why I was absent for nearly a month..well explanation to this is END OF YEAR TESTS!!! I am now revising and doing STUDY STUDY and STUDY things xx

I hope you are all well and enjoyed my post (:

But for now

Au Revoir

I ♥ Spring Tag

Hey:) One of my best friends on WordPress , who is RedDylanMarvil tagged me for this spring tag.  Here are my answers and I would also like to thank you Mandi, a blogger behind A Step In My Stilettos, for bringing the tag in wordpress.


♥What is your favorite spring nail polish?♥

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Sunday Walk under the Hot, Spring Sun🌊☀

Last Sunday we had fun ; by we I mean myself and my family ! Our day started with warm crispy croissants and finished with a family film night☀🎥📹





We had so much fun in the park together: we ate ice cream , laughed and joked.

Here I am wearing a Burberry pleated coat, Pepe Jeans London jeans, striped crewcuts sweater, which you can;t see here, sorry… and Burberry sneakers. As an accessories I chose a Steve Madden scarf:)




Spring Break Spree💗🎀




As you know soon I am leaving for London:) So I decided to buy a few things in order to brighten life there:) as you know most of the time it’s raining there ☔🇬🇧
I decided to start from “So Twee” by Miss Grant ! Their clothes is really interesting and great for all girls :)Just an update on the stuff I bought:)

It was a short post , but I will soon write a real post like a long one:)



A little bit updated:) New hair and my outfit:)

Hey 🙂 What’s going on?

I think that cobalt blue is really a must-have! so I have bought a new blue-grey-black stripe tights and used my bag, what do you think don’t grey and black look outstanding together? 

Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while …I have been busy with exams. On tuesday when I came back from contemporary dance I was notified that I am flying to London tomorrow…haha:) 







🎀Yoga Club Opening🎀

I was invited to a yoga club opening, it was an AMAZING NIGHT 🙂 I had fun and here is my outfit….:)


I am wearing a “Sandro” sweater which is by the way my favourite sweater brand, it’s simply because their sweaters are so comfy and they are all bright and like they make your day, click here for their website and my sweater page. I have many of their sweaters and they are what you need in order to bright up your day. Bought in Harrods, London

I am also wearing “Pepe Jeans London” jeans, which are made of like a silk denim or some sort of it, because when you touch them they are uber-soft, here is their web, I bought them in Harrods, London.


My loafers are by Christian Louboutin.They are comfy and I like their design because of the cool metal sock.

As for perfume  I used  “White Suede” by Tom Ford.

I also used a silver Hermès bracelet, which looks like a charm one, but it’s not:) 20130319-121539.jpg






Just made cool cookies

I have bought a jar with peanut butter a few hours ago ..I had some free time and I decided to make some cookie with chocolate and peanut butter 🙂 I found a recipe in Internet , but I decided to add my touch ! So I brought it to perfection , by adding some caramelized fruits 🍍🍑🍯
Here is what I received …